Phoenix Preliminary Design Picture


*we all flail about, not being able to take any more of Jess' preliminary drawings because they are atrocious!*

*ties you all down to chairs so you don't run away...*

So anyway *someone tries to run away but she zaps them with a proton ray thingamagig* ... I felt like working on my designs, and I had wanted to add Dakota into the story (you know, that story that I'm working on that I'm temporarily calling FY5K?) since..well I like her, and I have this fascination with having a crapload of characters. I already had an idea of what I wanted her design to be, I wanted her to be an agent called Phoenix, because PHOENIXES ARE AWESOME. I don't know whats going on with this character yet, like what her powers and abilities and things are, but I thought designing her would be a lot of fun anyway.

So I was sitting there one day watching talk shows and started to sketch out a design. First off, the story takes place in the future, so I had to design what I wanted Dakota's hair to look like in the future. Like a lot of my girls right now who have short hair, I can't picture her without short hair, so I decided to work with a shorter style as well too. I'm not too sure where it's going tho... I just kinda doodled whatever came to mind. Then.. i just started to draw the outfit design. Admittedly, the drawing is really, really, really bad. Her pose is all off, the anatomy is miserable, and I'm sure I gave her midget arms as well too. But... the outfit design is another thing.

I just had this crazy idea to give her wings on her arms, atleast attached to her gloves anyway, and then have her whole outfit either covered with feathers, or fire. And then, I thought giving her a second set of wings on her back. For her boots, I fiddled around with whatever I could think of at the time. I actually used bird legs as inspiration (yes, strange I know.) I did this garter belt thing like Panthera, and just.. I dunno went on designing. The boots are supposed to look like bird feet, which I know, I failed miserably at. As for the tail, I drew a bunch of feathers that are all big and flowy and stuff, and I'll probably have flames attached to them.

I like most of this design, but the actually drawing I do not like. It was quickly drawn, and for some reason I just couldn't draw her to save my life that day.

I thought it would be fun to have an agent based off of the mythological Phoenix, since I've always thought they were really cool. I'm gonna play around with this design a little bit more, and hopefully I'll stop drawing crappy drawings of Dakota so I can come up with a half decent drawing of her. She won't appear til later on in my little story, but I'd rather have her design done once I start writing parts with her in it XD And I also seem to have a fascination with birds too. Because they have wings...and fly..and go BEEECAWWW! and stuff.


So yes, not the greatest drawing here at my gallery, but fun nonetheless I guess
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