Phoenix Dream creature contest: Nurikabe Picture

Submited to Phoenix Dream creature contest as my submission as the Nurikabe, which, in the mythology is either a ghost or some sort of creature that appears as a giant wall and blocks the path of travelers.

This version, is a beetle type of thing, hunts in packs. It uses the two scoop arms on its crown (the "wall" part of it's head) to dig itself into dirt or rock and barricade a path in a forest or cave. It then either waits for its prey to get close enough for it to pounce on it or, working in a pack, has another Nurikabe start crushing the prey with its crown (in the case of cave Nurikabe-it'd be similar to two walls smushing a person.) I suppose it could also ram people, but I'd have no clue how those little legs would do that.
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