Phoenix Avatar Picture

Well then...

It's been a… VERY long time since I've done anything on dA. But I'm slowly getting my shit figured out, and what better way to return than with a new avatar that is so very much better (and more representative of my current skills) than my old one (yikes).

It's a bit rough because it's intended to be so small that the imperfections aren't really noticeable, but I'm pretty happy with it. I might go back another time and vector it to really smooth out all the curves if I ever decide to use it for anything other than an avatar. I'd intended on doing a really detailed realistic looking phoenix, but decided to go with my simpler "tribal" style since I think that will translate better.

Critique is welcome.

2 - 3 hours (including lots of fiddling around with the design)
Wacom tablet in Photoshop Elements 6
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