Cloud and Phoenix Picture

Cloud as he appears in an FF7/FF13 crossover story I'll be putting of (Yes, that's Aerith's ribbon tied around his leg!)

Cloud has been marked by the fal'Cie, and is an ally of Lightning and Team Nora. He hears of a legend about the city of Pulse, and journeys to it hoping to bring back Aerith and Zack.

However, he finds himself falling in love with Lightning's sister, Serah. Lightning warns him that should he hurt Serah, she will hunt him down, and bring her revenge upon him, as Serah's heart has been broken by Snow.

Cloud's Eidolon is Phoenix, and its Gestalt Mode is it turning into a hoverboard. Cloud's l'Cie mark is a teardrop, due to his painful past, and linking the mythology that phoenix tears can heal anything.
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