Phoenix Rising Picture

The force was trying to come out of her again…that power that was as tantalizing as it was alarming. Tantalizing in the promise of what she could do with it…alarming in the thought that it was inside of her, trying to get out and that it was so much more then she knew she could control. She had only felt it once before…it had only tried to escape once before and with the help of the rest of the X-Team she had managed to fight it back.

Only now there was no one here to help save her…she had to be the one to save them and she knew that she didn’t have the strength to do it. Not alone.

That was when she opened her mind fully to the power that lived in it and in her heart. “Help me,” She threw all of her will into her words that never left her mind, “Help me to save them!”

The voice, cruel and powerful, responded and she felt her insides freeze. “My power can’t be called up at your will.” It responded. “If I lend you the power to save your friends what will I get in return?”

“I…” She swallowed, forcing the salvia down a parched throat, “I’ll let you be free. Forever.”

Somewhere in the back of her mind the energy chuckled and swept forward, engulfing her with intoxicating power. She could do it now…she could do anything now.

In one fell sweep the Phoenix and Jean Grey merged into one entity…forever.

Just thought it would be easier to give you a drabble rather then try to explain what is happening in my drawing. I think my drabble rather sums it up...the X-Men got into a fight and Jean needed to call on the Phoenix in order to save them.

This is pulled off of what I think is old comic book canon (When Phoenix first appears) and what happened in the end of X2. I know I probably got facts wrong...but I don't care. I rather like the idea that the Phoenix and Jean are one and the same like in the movies.

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