Shujaku Ryoga, the Phoenix Champion. Picture

Name: Shujaku "Houou" Ryoga.
Moniker: The Phoenix.
Home Town: Aenkagi Village, Sandaia Region; Erom Village, Western Izaga.
Role: Rival Champion.
Age: Thirty-eight.

Element Dual Wield: Fire(3x), Flying(3x).
Current Team: Houndades(ID #12, SD #9), Typhlosion(J #157, SD #40), Gliscor(S/N #472, SD #21), Yanmega(S/N #469, SD #23), Moltres(K #146, SD# 91), Ho-oh(J #250, SD#92).
Level Limitations: Eighty-five through eighty-nine.

Born across the Giba Sea south of Ashido in the distant realm of Sandaia, Ryoga grew up chiefly in the 'Village of Vermillion Flames', Aenkagi, and like the rest of his people in that domain he worshiped the culture of the Southern Phoenix, Suzaku, whose mortal forms of Moltres and Ho-oh were said to have been born there millennia ago.

From an early age he proved better suited to the scorching climate and arid ash storms visited upon them regularly day and night, granting him the prowess to venture deeply into the western desert and border with Akkiho Village in pursuit of growing stronger still. Proof of his bravery was seen whenever the Byakko worshipers came across him sleeping amidst the wild Houndour packs, scarred from tussling for dominance but completely at ease.

As he aged Ryoga proved able enough to traverse all of Sandaia by foot, a feat that few other Sandaian's can boast about, gathering a number of wounds along with his allies. In that time he began to learn more about the mythology of his land and gradually pieced together the truth obscured with time and oral tradition, and to the Legendaries revered as gods and demons.

When he was in his early twenties he was gifted a Terra Shard by Baou of the Byakko, encouraging his progress and setting him toward the acquisition of his own moniker, the Phoenix, as the resulting Houndades proved ill-tempered and quick to burn its master. His right arm should have been lost had he not trekked to the abandoned nesting grounds of Ho-oh over the following days and bathed in the Sacred Ash it had left in its wake decades passed.

It is not known when he acquired the services of his gods, the Phoenix-split-in-twain, only that by the time he landed in Izaga toward his thirtieth birthday on the back of a Moltres and began training with the other Champions-to-be, Soryu Gengorou(the Ace), Aldrick Augustas(the Swordsman), Nicholas Noah(the Librarian) and Ein(the Alchemist), both were known to answer his call, day or night.

In modern times he has settled into the rural Erom District and taken to the culture with surprising enthusiasm. He has been on pilgrimage to his homeland during the activities of the Cult of Izaya and intends to defeat Soryu upon his return.


This is my first time working with 5th Gen trainers and the experience was far more pleasant than I had expected! Sandaia is supposed to be representative of India with some Japanese/Chinese/Vietnamese culture spliced in, as I'm already borrowing from India mythology for Southern Izaga(Ashido) and didn't want to come off too repetitive.

Base trainer sprites (c) Nintendo
Final result (c) ZedKalEios
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