Dinah - phoenix Picture

It's Dinah~! ...From Bizenghast... in armour.. with a phoenix (Shut up! IT's COOL!)
Colored with my new Prismas which are, like, amazing~!!! and put me in a totally full-on Bizenghast-is-awesome state. I colored a bunch of the coloring book! (YES I own it! MUAHAHAHAHA!) and it looks reaaallly pretty, but you won't be seeing that because uploading colored pages would be ... like..... stealing

GOooooooo Bizenghast!! ( I have another picture of Dinah drawn but haven't gotten the chance to color it cuz, silly me, I left my Prisma's at Jessie's house.......)

picture - me
character- M alice
phoenix- like... most all mythology.... anywhere...
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