Phoenix Picture

The Pheonix was created utilizing: graphite, colored pencils & ink.
I then scanned the final piece---isolated the creature, and digitally added the ball, background, & logo with Photoshop and Illustrator.
*I maintained the integrity of the drawing by specifically NOT adding any computer enhancements, modifications, or touches to the scanned original. ~Digitally rendered for presentation & print resizing purposes*

Special thanks to my client for contracting me to create a custom design of a Phoenix.

© 2000 M. Faith Furst
________________________________________ ________________

A little background regarding this piece:

• I was commissioned to design a custom tattoo for my client.
• His request was to create “a depiction of the inner struggle” of his own personal (human / spiritual) conflict that resonated in his soul.
• We started out with demons and angels in battle. They formed themselves to resemble roman figures in a cyber/ historical/ intellectual/ unspoken emotional and pre-physical struggle (I don’t really know how else to describe it).
• The “battle" did not seem to work with him “internally”.
• After 8 (or so months) Bata-Bing-Bata-Boom = He wanted a Phoenix that represented the strength of its mythological survival. *Not to enhance the fact that it once burned or was tortured to ashes~ but the to enhance the fact that the Phoenix (in this case him) wore strength, honor and vigilance to his personal emotions and experiences. *
• Once I tattooed it on him ~ he no longer felt he needed to be concerned of this inner conflict.
• Since I had to tattoo this complicated “technical vortex” (note: I could not make one single error while grazing his skin
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