Tiger Dragon Phoenix Picture

Originally posted to my Scraps Gallery, I thought I'd bring it on over to my Main Gallery.

This was done in the spare time between requests and commissions. It took several months, but it was just to get into Gurren-Lagann. These three...err four (can't forget Boota) were the first real members of the Gurren-Brigade and have remained my favorites.

Its not really Deviation-quality. But I do wanna work more on this when I can.

If you think in terms of Asian mythology, the Tiger (Kamina), the Phoenix (Yoko), and the Dragon (Shimon) are the top figures of power and awe, and I think that each suits their respective character.

All done in Illustrator.

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann belongs to Gainax, not me.

Absolutely no stealing.
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