'The Phoenix Nexus' Picture

"The Phoenix Nexus ~ Lord Of Darkness"
by Michael C. Turner
© 2008/2009~ Galactic Visions Space Art
Acrylic on stretched gallery canvas using traditional bristle brush techniques ~ 60"X60"

A dramatic conceptualization of a black hole devouring matter and energy as they are pulled beyond its event horizon . . . the nexus . . . the point of no escape . . . by an unimaginably powerful gravity well. As matter is transformed into energy and the energy into plasma, the singularity becomes indirectly visible as a result of the ionized gases erupting in a last effort to escape the galactic monster. Complex gravitational influx fields become visible as matter, gases and energy flow toward the black hole. With a bit of imagination one can visualize the mythological Phoenix bird, rising from stellar ashes to be born again, perhaps in some new reality . . .somewhere in this universe or, possibly, in another dimension and time . . . (Please view my conceptualization of the counterpart to a black hole, a white dispersion, in my gallery. It is entitled "Lord Of Light")

May All Your Visions Be Galactic Visions ~ Michael C. Turner
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