Tesni the Phoenix Gryphon Picture

Tesni. One of those dear characters I don't draw as much as I should.
Same with Raksan, I felt her old ref was so ugly and outdated, I wanted to draw a new one, using colored pencils and Bristol paper.
I know it's not just tools that make art paper but dang this paper is so smooth and beautiful with colored pencils.
This lovely lady was originally created for me and ~Falgor's RPing purpouses, though the game has been pretty quiet lately.

[N]ame: Tesni.
[A]ge: Young adult, about 20-25 years old [human equivalent].
[R]ace: "Phoenix griff"; Half phoenix, half hippogriff.
[G]ender: Female.
[H]eight: 178 cm [height at the withers].
[O]ccupation: A fugitive.
[S]pecial Powers: Resistant; Tesni has nice physical endurance, and thanks to her phoenix blood, is somewhat resistant to fire, her feathers and skin need super hot temperatures to burn. Healing touch; Tesni has limited magical powers she can use to heal herself or others by touch. Capable of flight.
[I]nterests: Becoming a better person, becoming more confident, Sirius, helping her brother.
[P]ersonality: Tesni is very shy and timid, and though she looks colorful on the outside, she is often described as a bland person. She's really socially awkward and its hard for her to open her mouth around strangers, let alone make good first impressions. She's a hopeless romantic and always dreams and fantasizes about an ideal world. She has a strong sense of justice, and hates to see others act horribly and wrong, but she doesn't think she can do anything about it in the long run. She is trying to learn to become more confident and stand up for herself, and others.
[S]tory: Tesni was born from the unusal marriage of a phoenix, Lugh, and a hippogriff, Aurwen. Tesni grew up with her mother, as her father went missing, or presumably died when Tesni was only a foal. Tesni and her mother lived peacefully, sometimes travelling from place to place and everything was nice, until the two acidentally stepped into wrong kind of neighborhood.
Eryzil, an evil creature in charge of a clan-like pack captured Tesni and Aurwen, and forced them to join his pack. Aurwen being a healthy, fertile female, Eryzil used her to grow his loyal offspring army, and Aurwen gave birth to Tesni's half-brother, Valer. Soon after Valer didn't have to be suckled anymore, Aurwen died of abuse.
Tesni was too shy and weak-minded to catch Eryzil's interests as a possible child-bearer, and was basically kept in the clan as dead weight. Tesni wanted to take her chances and leave the clan several times, but as much as her new brother was guickly brainwashed to become Eryzil's unquestioning servant, Valer being Tesni's only live family, she just couldn't leave him.
Later, Tesni was finally able to catch the attention of a male creature she had always admired for his defying attitude towards Eryzil, Sirius. The two fell in love, and after a long time of planning, finally decided to escape from the clan. The two are currently on the run, with their young son, Urien.
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