Phoenix Blend Picture

This was a very difficult piece for me to create, it was for my 100 Challenge, I spent about a total of five hours on it in total (where I usually only spend two or three making something if the muse is there). The inspiration for it came from the song "Phoenix" by Molly Sanden, I've tried a blend similar to this before that fell kind of flat so I wanted to give it another go, this one I really wanted to portray that mythology of the Phoenix "To rise from a funeral pyre and live for another cycle of years; immortality" (this line was taken from a Nikki Flores song) nevertheless it's meaning holds true. So I tried to create that infinity with this blend along with the feeling of that funeral Pyre and rising from it again, not sure if I succeeded, but it was a fun attempt anyways.

Model: Amanda Seyfried (thanks to her fansite for all the pictures)
Stock: Dorian sp, Sunny (Morphine), Others were randomly found on google
Textures: My own from a future pack that will be released soon (I hope)
Lyrics: "Phoenix" Molly Sanden

if I've missed someone please let me know <3 I hope you all enjoy this and comments are definitely appreciated!
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