Ashe- Side views Picture

This is Ashe, my main character...(yep he's nekkid) Basically this picture is just a character sketch showing his tattoos.

On his left shoulder is a black unicorn (though the picture was drawn too small and there is no detail in it) [In Olympus the tattoo moves...Unicorn moves trees sway in the wind, etc.]

The tattoo on his left leg (like all his tattoos) is magical. The tattoo serves a purpose, it acts as a brace for his damaged knee. (notice all the pictures I have drawn pretty much have the same armor on the left leg... same deal, a knee brace) The tattoo only works when he is in Olympus. (on Earth it is just a tattoo)

On his right shoulder is a black dragon. (as with the unicorn tattoo, this one also moves when Ashe is in Olympus)

Not seen is the tattoo on his back (haven't drawn that view yet)... it is a phoenix that covers his back. (also moves, sometimes alive, sometimes on fire, sometimes a pile of ashes)

(Closest thing to a nude that I have ever drawn)
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