Phoenix Picture

FOR PHOENIX DETAIL GO HERE-->[link] (this is a much more accurate representation of the work, it is sharp and correctly colored).

Watercolor background+prismacolor pencil dream landscaping and prismacolor phoenix.

The phoenix is a representation of myself, as far as astrology goes, I'm scorpio rising- your rising sing reflects your outerself, the first things that people notice when they first meet you, how you look, your general, possibly superficial personality. Scorpio is often depicted as a Scorpion, but it is also symbolized by the phoenix. Phoenix rising...
I have spent nearly a month working on and thinking about this peice. I spent several days researching phoenixes. Some form of phoenix or another appears in nearly every mythology world wide. I studied the design of each bird and when the time came to design my own I used these images as guides to flesh out the details.

I used the body of a
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