Monkey Deities: Sun Wukong Picture

I present to you, Sun Wukong aka. the Monkey King...OR...Son Goku for those who prefer the Japanese stylizations that have since been associated with this mythological icon.

This particular piece was inspired by an old idea of mine...what would happen if Hanuman, the monkey deity of Hinduism and Sun Wukong, the monkey deity of China...came together.

My version of the often re-imagined character is a combination of what's described in the actual tales, with a little bit of my own spin. The important bits were the phoenix feather cap, gold chain mail (which here is represented as gold armor, with gold cloth underneath), cloud walking boots, and of course...the now legendary "As-You-Will Golden-Banded Cudgel" or "Ruyi Jingu Bang" ...or as many of you probably recognize it by this name: the nyoi-bo (mind stick).

Here's a tidbit to consider, if you think he looks familiar this way- for anyone whose ever seen or played Dynasty Warriors...Lu Bu is often styled after Sun Wukong's legendary attire.

As with "The Tempest - Lightning," this is another digital practice.

I can't claim the character- but I DO claim the illustration-
this illustration @ Alfred Pangkerego 2008

-Utensils- .5 mechanical pencil, Corel Painter IX
-Working Time- 30 mins. penciling, 4 hrs. digital coloring- counted without breaks. Total: 4.5 hrs.
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