AA Emotional Spectrum Picture

*Update 17/11/10*
Reordered them to be in the correct order of the colours of the rainbow. Don't ask me why they were in that stupid order before, I really have no good reason.
*Update 17/11/10*

I've gotten a couple of requests to do another Emotional Spectrum image. I can't imagine why, they're really nothing special. But since I love you guys so much and they're not that hard to make, I thought I'd do another one. This time I made one with one of my favourite video game series: Ace Attorney. Seeing as there's SO many characters in this series I decided to limit myself down to only doing characters from Phoenix Wright's era, and to only use those that are of some importance to the over-all plot. So sorry fanboys, no Apollo Justice era or Investigations characters. But hey, I added in both the black and white lanterns this time.

For those of you who aren't familiar with DC comics, or just aren't familiar with Green Lantern mythology (if that's the word I'm looking for) I'll try and explain: The Emotional Spectrum is basically the white light of life that's been broken up into different colours that define the emotion of the universe. Each different Lantern Corp channels these different colours in their Central Power Batteries and use them to power their Power Rings. At least that's a very basic explanation. If you want the details here's the wiki article on it: [link]

Anyway, let's go through them each from left to right and try and explain why I think each person fits into each colour:

Godot: White Lanterns (Life) - Seeing as Godot has technically "come back from the dead", I thought this would be fitting. After all the White Lanterns are those the white light brought back from the dead... even though Boston Brand is the only one still wearing a ring, though in Brightest Day #7 we saw that they do still have a tie to the white entity's Power Battery... anyway I'm going into geek mode here. In any case, because Godot's been "resurrected", he fits in here fine.

Franziska von Karma: Red Lanterns (Rage) - Do I really have to explain this one? Nobody is angrier then Franziska in this series. Her rage is unmatched. You could argue I could have put Furio Tigre in this one, seeing not only is he angry but he literally is actually red, but again he was only in one case in the third game and wasn't really of any importance to any of the overall plot. Though you could argue the same about Franziska not being that important to the overall plot, but hey she's tied into it by being Manfred von Karma's daughter. Anyway, appart from Tigre, nobody can match Franziska's rage. I know it's hard to see with the lighting effects, but if you can notice I turned her whip red to make it look more like a construct... though so far the only Red Lantern to be able to make constructs is Attrocitus.

Larry Butz: Orange Lantern/Agent Orange (Avarice) - Let's face it, when it comes to the ladies Larry wants 'em all. He sees a cute girl, he wants her. His avarice for women is something that nobody else in the series can match. Oh gawd I can only imagine the horror of him wielding the orange light...

Miles Edgeworth: Sinestro Corps (Fear) - Edgeworth strikes fear into the hearts of those on the witness stand. Be it his ice-cold stare or his unmatched logic he can be one scary guy, especially when he's angry. Plus seeing as he's Phoenix's eternal rival I thought it was kind of appropriate to put him in the Sinestro Corp is Phoenix is in the Green Lantern Corp. Having him in this corp works on SO many levels... though I don't imagine Edgeworth would look good in yellow, XD.

Phoenix Wright: Green Lanters (Will) - Hey isn't this weird, Phoenix wears a blue suit and I put him with the Green Lanterns, Gumshoe wears a green coat and I put him with the Blue Lanterns. Anyway, Phoenix is someone who can overcome great fear, especially when those he cares about are in trouble. A good example of this is in the last case in Trials and Tribulations when Dusky Bridge is burning down with Maya trapped on the other side of it, Phoenix doesn't hesitate in the slightest at trying to cross the bridge even when it's nearly burned away... though it turned out to be a big mistake. But other then that, Phoenix is always ready to take on even the most dangerous of witnesses in court if it means getting to the truth. Sure there have been times when he's frightened, but he overcomes that fear and presses on in the pursuit of truth. That's enough for me to think he'd be a good Green Lantern.

Dick Gumshoe: Blue Lanterns (Hope) - I was kind of torn on this. I wasn't sure whether to put Gumshoe up as a Green or Blue Lantern. On the one hand he has overcome great fear. On the other hand, no matter what bad luck comes his way (and in his case that's a LOT of bad luck), he still remains hopeful that things will be okay. Yes the same could be said about Maggey Byrde, but seeing as Gumshoe is in the games more then her I went with him. Plus he always instills that great hope of his into others... or at least he tries to. When things look bad Gumshoe never gives up hope and truly believes "All will be well".

Maya Fey: Indigo Tribe (Compassion) - There is nobody I can think of in the Ace Attorney series that is more compassionate then Maya. Plus I think she'd jump at the chance to be a part of an alien tribe that flies around space channelling different light powers who speak their own language which not even the Power Rings can translate. Let's face it, Maya would love to be a super-hero... though then again we don't know if the Indigo Tribe are "heroes" or not. Sure they helped out during Blackest Night, but EVERY Corp called a truce during that event. We still don't know if they're friend or... okay I'm doing it again. In any case, Maya's arguably the most compassionate character in the series. I'd love to see her face light up (no pun intended) at the thought of having super powers, XD. Nok.

Iris: Star Sapphires (Love) - This was the hardest one to decide upon, but I think Iris is the best choice for this one. It came down to me thinking: "What would she do if a Star Sapphire ring comes down to her and tells her Phoenix is in trouble?" I think she'd jump into action and take up the ring without question. Her love for Nick burns bright, and I think that's something that the Zamarons would use to their advantage. Besides, the thought of Iris as a Star Sapphire is... *drool*

Mia Fey: Black Lanterns (Death) - Well... she IS dead after all. Plus she has an emotional tie to a lot of people in this spectrum, so I reckon a black ring would bring her corpse back to life. Maybe some day I'll go back and make Mia look more zombie-like for this, but for now I'll just let the fact that she's dead speak for itself. Plus I think it's appropriate having Godot as a White Lantern and Mia as a Black Lantern. Hey, Mia would make one sexy Black Lantern zombie
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