Egyptian Phoenix -- Junk Picture

I was in a really awful mood, doodling around, and I came up with this... um... thing that we have here. I thought she turned out pretty enough to experiment coloring on in Photoshop... pretty different than my usual style of coloring. I just colored straight over the sketch, so I KNOW it's sloppy and I KNOW there are some major anatomy issues with it. However, I really like the color scheme and I think it turned out quite well for the amount of time and effort I put into it.

She is a gryphon with a phoenix-ish head rather than an eagle's. Her jewelry is very Egyptian inspired [the collar is based off of a piece of King Tut's, I think] and she has several scarab beetle amulets scattered about. For those of you who like deeper meaning, the scarab was a symbol of renewel and life for the Egyptians, just as the phoenix is.

Oh, I did no research for this, please don't kill me if messed up my factoids.
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