Phoenix Picture

"From Death we rise to Live another Day"

The Phoenix in Chinese mythology is one of the 4 legendary beasts. The Chinese name for a phoenix is called FengHuang. The name has two parts, because it is separate name for two birds. Feng the male or Yang and Huang the female the yin. However, throughout time the Phoenix itself eventually became a symbol that represented mainly female, and associated with the empress. The Phoenix was then considered as the counter part of dragons; who represented the male- the emperor. The dragon was associated with the moon, and the phoenix to the sun, the symbol of eternal and everlasting love.

The Phoenix repented the south of the compass. It was a song bird that harmonized the 5 fundamental colors of china at the time: black, white, red, green, and yellow. I thought it was interesting FengHuang in Japanese was Ho-oh. Because when I played Pokemon, I always felt the name was odd, but it now make sense. If you read the Pokemon description, it's pretty similar to the description of the phoenix.

For me, being born in China, but raised in America, the meaning of Phoenix adapted to some of Egyptian/Greek mythology to it. The bird in any mythology, however, was always related to the sun or fire. The difference between Greek and Chinese mytholog is that the bird can decompose to ashes and rise again from it's ashy remain.

As an artist, I just wanted to put all that together. The death in the symbol of phoenix is represented through Spider Lillies. Which are flowers of funerals, and at times grows around graveyards. The color purple also represent the morbid side of the phoenix. However, she rise freely without a care in the world on the swing.

I hope you guys like it.
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