Phoenix Picture

Colored pencil - 4 hours.

Long backstory incoming!

So this is a drawing that I was kind of hesitant to do at first. My good friend whom I was dating at this time has wanted to get a picture of a Phoenix as a tattoo since before I met him. It's in memory of his best friend, who passed away when he was in high school and loved the mythology of Phoenixes. I really did not feel like it was my place to even offer to draw it when he first told me, because it was a friend I had never met and I just felt like I should stay out of it. But in the two years we'd been dating he was never able to find a picture he actually liked, and had a very specific image in his head. So I finally said I'd give it a shot. Plus, if he had someone else draw it and the bird anatomy was too off... it would have bothered me for life
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