Harpy Picture

Yet another Greek mythological creature. Yep, I'm really just tearin' through these! But I've got a lot to do.

This is a Harpy.

"Robbers". In earlier versions of Greek myth, Harpies were described as beautiful, winged maidens. Later they became winged monsters with the face of an ugly old woman and equipped with crooked, sharp talons. They were represented carrying off persons to the underworld and inflicting punishment or tormenting them. Those persons were never seen again. They robbed the food from Phineus, but were driven away by Cailas and Zetes, the Boreads, and since then they lived on the Strophades. The Harpies were probably the personification of storm winds. They are: Aello, Celaeno, and Ocypete. (From www.pantheon.org)

I had fun with this one. When I was drawing it and thinking about the description, I suddenly thought, "Wait. Crazy old ugly birdwoman? CANARY. MARY." So I kind of made it slightly look like everybody's least favorite BT character. I swear, she must be a Harpy! She carries people off to Cloud Cuckooland and torments them by making them compete against her in a rigged, impossible-to-win race. On a freakin' wind-up mouse.

Harpies are pretty cool though.
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