01 Harpy Picture

so, like, there's this thing, I think? A 30 day monster girl challenge? I guess you have to draw these monster girls, off a list, for 30 days?

That's what everyone seems to be doing anyway. You know how I love a good trend. So yes the first one is HARPY and Phinny is of course Phineus DUH (likeididntonlylearnthattoday)

So have it. Expect the next 29 to be crayon scribbles on the inside of a cereal box.

You will of course excuse the "background" because you luff me

PS. here's the full list [link]

PPS. many other people are doing this, including I think ~EggHeadCheesyBird, whose drawings are much better and funnier but don't seem to be on Deviantart. FOR SHAME.
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