Destroyer of Light 9 Picture

This page was more tricky than it looks like. The facial expressions just came out wrong all the time.

"Miss Wadjet" (Wadjet is an Egyptian snake goddess, btw) can be said to be one of Demeter's and Persephone's pets (lots of snakes and geckos around their house, you know). She was probably lying in Persephone's basket and before Persephone went back to Philemon, she must have hidden the snake under her clothes.

Persephone pretends to be more powerful than she really is. She has the power to bless fields with fertility, but not to make them (or people) barren. So she wouldn't be able to carry out her threat. But Philemon doesn't know that (well, he probably doesn't know what to believe of all this, so he figures that the best thing is to get the hell away from her).

EDIT: Argh! I used the Swedish spelling of Philemon by mistake in the first panel. We write 'f' instead of 'ph' since that is how it is pronounced. So, yes, we spell it Persefone instead of Persephone, too.
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