Son of a Pyrate Picture

This is Cepheus, AKA Seph, the older brother of Castor, the son of Pyrate (mine) and Siren (see ~donotremove), original characters from a Matrix RPG (~ the-free-minds).
Seph is 18 months younger than his sister Orion, and 4 years older than Castor. Here, I've drawn him aged about 14-15. That's 15-16 years ahead of current RP time.
Cepheus is another constellation name. It refers to the mythological King Cepheus of Ethiopia, who tied his daughter Andromeda to a rock in sacrifice to a sea monster. She married Perseus. Anyway, I (and his parents) picked the name mostly cause I like the sound of it.
He's reading Beethoven's Sonnet 14, the Moonlight Sonata - a gift from his grandfather.
Notice multiple piercing. Py=not happy.
And to quote myself, "I like this picture, even though it was drawn in my diary and thus is on lined paper. It was a tough choice between 'scraps' and 'deviations' but I thought - I have worse-drawn pictures than this in my gallery, so here it goes."
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