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Percy is my favourite Weasley, and one of my two favourite characters (any guesses as to the other? ha ha)

if he is not revealed to be a Death Eater in this book, i am gonna sulk for a week. also, i think he's probably still good and working as a spy, but i know that's pushing it. Still, if she doesn't want to deal with Percy she could always give him to me.

also, does anyone else find it somewhat telling that "Percival" is one of Dumbledore's middle names? JK tells us this again in a scene that has Percy in it in OoTP.
Percival was one of Arthur's knights, who was allowed to see the Hoy Grail but was sent back home to have a real life (while Galahad got shafted, and pretty much had to stick around and exalt the relic forever. or he died, or something.)
Perseus was the Greek hero who killed Medusa (Snakes!) although Greeks pretty much agree that his name means "destroyer," he was a good guy.
Ignacius is the name of a couple different saints, which is a good sign, but on of 'em was pretty much known for his devotion to his job, doing anything his superiours demanded, although he was disinclined to sympathize with his family... less of a good sign...

(this has been a production of "Mythology Lessons with brittany...)

oh Percy, what will become of you?

ps- i have not uploaded in forever, so i was skeptical when people kept complaining about this new system. i am no longer skeptical. what the heck, deviantArt?
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