Gorgon Slayer Picture

Day 19 of 30 days of painting. This one is a bit intense compared to the cute monsters with beverages. I had just played a game of Cyclades with some friends, which is a board game about ancient greek conquest and mythology. I had also recently been to Greece and so I've been wanting to do a mythological piece for awhile. So here you have Perseus assaulting the Gorgon sister Medusa.

I'm somewhat of a greek mythology geek, so realize that I knowingly took some liberties here. What I really wanted to capture was the Perseus I think of, who is either a tool or a dick depending on how you look at it. Here we have less of a battle with Medusa and more of the God-funded assassination that it was.

This painting was a struggle, and I guess after a couple days of easy paintings I was due for that. I wanted that rage colored background, and I wanted to capture a moment of action. Usually my sketches do a better job of having motion in them than the painted results, and I wanted to challenge that. I still think the sketch had it better, but this was at least close. Getting a feeling of depth of field was definitely difficult for me. There were a lot of things to work on here, and I really had to break through a wall somewhere in there, but I'm very happy with the end result.

Acrylic on 8"x10" canvas board, about three hours.
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