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Through the years!!
this is about 2010-Now (2013)
I would be very surprised if any of you guys remembered some of these

Zak- Some bunny fox monster i made up in like 7th grade omg [his best friend was a dinosaur named Philup] they took drugs
Ven- who knows idk some generic woof character who was inspired by Ventus from Kingdom Hearts games [major weeaboo alert]. he even had checkered wrists hahaha
Atlas- he was around for a really long time. BABYYYYY he was created at a girl scout campout i remember this. i drew him in the concrete with a rock when everyone was arguing about how long to cook their grilled cheese or smth. i was just getting into the Percy Jackson books ahaha
Danny/Danae- named after the mother of Perseus in Greek mythology. again when i was obsessed with mythology and stuff. she's not that great.
Uzuri- idk some dog i made out of boredom. her tongue and tail is like a mood ring and changes colors depending on the mood. major wolfaboo
Kake- two summers ago me and my sister found an extra DSi and made a Flipnote Hatena account. Kake the deer and Wasp the dog. she was around for a few months on an extra account
Neon- some stupid dog fox mutt thing. she was really annoying and i don't like neon anymore ewwwwwwwww.
Buttcheeks- originally created with that rainbow head tail thing. he was made up as a joke but ended up being my fav.

voila all my main characters through the years.

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