Medusa Ref Picture

Name- Medusa
Gender- Female
Species- Gorgon Cat
Personality- Self conscious, defensive, lonely, reserved
Bio- Used to be one the most beautiful creatures to walk the face of the earth. Her purity was stolen by the god of the seas (Posiden). The goddess whom she had worshiped for years (Athena) grew furious and punished Medusa by turning her into the monster she is today. And of course she can anyone into stone by looking in their eyes, but only uses this by accident and for self defense.

(Athena couldn't punish Posiden because he's her uncle and her temple is surrounded by the ocean and she didn't want him to destroy it)

(Medusa runs away to Africa crying to hide from the humans but off course some warriors would come and try to kill her, who then she would turn to stone)

(a hero named Perseus then beheaded Medusa by the name of Athena herself and Hermes, he then puts her head on the shield that Athena gave to him)

(yes she is based off of Medusa from Greek mythology)

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