An Audience with Zeus Picture

Resurfacing from the seas he travels onto Greece on horseback finally arriving to the great city of Olympia. While under the water he met Poseidon, god of the sea he tells Oano that Zeus had something ill planned for his son Perseus not wanting him to compete with Zeus's offspring. Oano forces Hermes to send the god king a message to meet him, he was denied the first time saying that Oano had no right to Divine business, Oano merely says in a second message that he had information that not even the all knowing god king knew, prideful as ever Zeus requested for him to meet him in the center where there is a statue of his likeness. When nightfall came the world began to warp and twist, time seemed to slow down and the city became only outlines as the stature cracked and roared, the eyes glowed with life and glared down at the small demon.

"You cannot be serious..." Oano stated, "Scared to talk to me face to face, cut the theatrics and get your ass over here" he called out. As soon as he finished his sentence a great lightning bolt struck the ground and a great figure appeared from the flash of light, he was a good two feet taller than he was holding a lightning bolt like a staff and an unfelt wind blew his silver hair as sapphire eyes glared down at Oano.

"Show some respect mortal...." Zeus spoke in is usual booming voice.

Oano smirked as he placed one hand behind his back picking out one f his vials.

"Oh great and powerful Zeus, how i am honored by your presence" Oano would say before bowing, smirking to himself clutching the vial tightly, biding his time.

To be continued...
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