Greek sketches Picture

Stuff I mainly drew during the trip to Sicily. I don't know whether I ever do any of them digitally as well. Probably not, though.
From top left to right:
Andromeda - my favorite scene from the myth of Perseus and Andromeda (and NOT that stupid-ass Clash of Titans movie). Andromeda's mother was foolish enough to say that her daughter was more beautiful then any of the Nereids (sea nymphs, if you will). The Nereids got offended and asked their protector, Poseidon to avenge them. In return Poseidon unleashed Cetus/Keto, a sea monster/Goddess of All Sea Monsters onto the city (yes, it was NOT the Kraken that looks like a fcking turtle with tentacles). The catch was that Keto will only stop terrorizing everyone if they sacrificed Andromeda to it. Thankfully Perseus arrived just in time to save her and slay the monster. Poseidon and the Nereids weren't too happy about it.
Triton - Son of Poseidon, probably the first mermaid in humankind's history. Triton is always shown with a fish tail and a conch with which he could calm down the seas and oceans if they were stormy. He also once wrestled with Heracles (though I have no idea why).
Ex-boyfriend - This is a scene I like to imagine, even though it probably never happened. Medusa was a priestess of Athena (and had an oath of eternal virginity). Poseidon, the rival of Athena fell for her and the two of them made out in the temple. Athena of course caught them and in her fury she cursed Medusa to be the oh-so-famous monster that she is now. She fled to live in a cave where three hideous old hags who had only one eyeball guarded her. This scene probably never happened so it's up to you what's going on: a) Poseidon is apologizing to Medusa, b) he says they should break up.
Librarian Medusa - cuz why the fck not?
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