Sister Galaxy - Draconem Chains! Picture

'Draconem' (which is Latin for 'Dragon, Great Serpent') is a tribute to the Princess and Dragon motif and 'Chains' an more obvious tribute to the Andromeda mythology where she was chained/bound to a rock for her mother boasting that her daughter was more beautiful and Andromeda was punished for that.

(How UNFAIR is that? GOD, yea, punish the children who've done nothing wrong, right?)

Object held in her hand is the Persea Regalia. It's an object that objectified the love between Perseus and Andromeda and solidified in the heart of Andromeda (the planet) of which was given to Andromeda by the Oracle.

The Oracle who told her of her parents' evil and allowed her to be saved and sent far away in order to be kept safe (her parents were manipulated by the Great Serpent Cetus, who wanted to devour the power of Andromeda to gain even more strength).

So Andromeda seeks the light of the Ginzuishou though she believes it to be nothing more than a fable (after all, it's been many millennia since it was last seen) so she seeks to open the Anunitum (def: Lady of the Heavens) Anima (Spirit) which is supposed to give Sailor Andromeda her full powers (with the chains, her power is bound and she can barely touch it).

Changed it a bit - her 'belt' and took away the crown (didn't really like it..) and she is now shoeless. I also made it more obvious that her outfit is a two-piece.
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