Torment - Concept Pieces 2 Picture

Hi, people! long time no see!

Yes, i didn't update some stuff here for months. The thing is that i'm very busy these days, working at the studio and some projects that keep all of my time. So, when i get some free time (rarely) i usually spend it resting, with family, etc.

So, since December, 2009, i'm working deeply at Fluidplay Studios, an company under the Game Replays brand ( working as art director on a game called Torment.

Things are going pretty intense there, we're on the last steps of finishing the game, so, you know, I've been drink caffeine more than usual...

So, today, i got some free time to update some of the things that's going on this project, some concept pieces. Right now, i'm working on art integration and 3D animation for the game.

Hope you enjoy it
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