Yakuza Love Chapter 4 Page 20 Picture

Read right to left. <-- This way!

Yay!! An update after so long! Sorry I had a project I was working on for Sunshowers and it took... longer than expected (partially my fault since I decided to expand on the original concept.)

That combined with inking this thing being a nightmare (I'm never drawing chains again...<--total lie), it took a bit. And er... I'm not putting a warning on this... despite something about Sakura...

I picture her as being like Andromeda! It feels wrong to show her as anything but this! (Guess that makes Sasuke Perseus then? And Orochimaru is Medusa! Okay, I'm a bit of a Greek mythology nerd.) And yes, those are sakura blossoms around her.

And cookie/llama to the people who guess who's in the final panel correctly!

Songs: Eighteen Inches by Lauren Alaina
Jump then Fall by Taylor Swift

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Kishimoto-sensei.

Story: halloweenprincess and Allora Lang
Art: halloweenprincess
Based off: Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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