Zenzi 'Ember' Akai-Huno Picture

This is my own RWBY character I made for an future RWBY, and my RWBY fanfiction.

Zenzi is the second member of the new Team JETT, and also serves as the team's mechanic, working on the vehicle and weaponry alongside with the team's leader, Jett. While having no real name or surname that starts with "E", Zenzi decided to use his nickname Jett kept calling him due to his explosive bullets made of red dust and lead bullet shells. He is the wielder and creator of the Harpe, or the HECS-117, a multi-functional sword that has for modes, claymore (H-Mode), gunblade (E-Mode), regular sword (C-Mode), and fire sword (S-Mode), each serving their purpose to Zenzi, both useful in combat and out of combat.

-Zenzi is a combination of Zen and Zinan. Zen means "Religious" and Zinan means "Second Born".
-Akai-Huno, means "Red Fire/Flame" in Japanese
-The Letters in HECS are taken from four mythical blades in mythology and fairy tales, Harpe (The nickname of the blade) was the weapon of Perseus who slayed Medusa, Excalibur the sword King Arthur used, Clarent the sword of peace and another sword of King Arthur's, and Sutr's Flaming Sword from Norse Mythology.
-The nickname Ember, and the name Zenzi uses to complete the team name was made because of Zenzi's special "Dust Bullets" which use red dust for powerful explosions.
-Zenzi uses both dust (specifically red dust) and weaponry together to fight, similer to Weiss Schnee and her weapon.
-The Harpe's C-Mode resembles the Christian Cross.
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