Domina Persea Picture

Name: Domina Persea

Title: Maid of Blood

Age: 9 Solar Sweeps

Screen Name: quinquagintaUmbrage / distressedDamsel (former)

Typing Style: Speaks very posh and formal; tends to use lascivious or lewd innuendos. Replaces O with )0( to represent chains.

Zodiac Sign: Andromeda

Strife Specibi: chainkind, ropekind, cropkind

Relations: Etamin Zoraht - Flushed crush
Elegia Gulbis - Moirail
Jauzah Trirex - Caliginous crush (abandoned)
Troy - Protégé, Flushed crush?
Cyaneo-Ceti - Lusus/Sprite

Fetch Modus: Lock and Key

Planet: Land of Gyves and Dungeons

Ancestor: The Reginael

Lusus/Kernelsprite: Cyaneo-Ceti (Sky-Whale)

Blood Color: Purple (sea-dweller)

Name meaning: "domina" is the female form of "dominus" which means "master" or "owner"; this ties in with her interests in BDSM and her astrological sign; Andromeda was a ancient Greek princess who was chained to a rock and offered as a sacrifice to the sea monster Cetus. "Persea" comes from Perseus, the hero who rescued Andromeda.
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