Wives of the All-Conquering Heroes Picture

I've always wanted to do this one. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the wives of the heroes Jason, Cadmus, Heracles, and Perseus. I did not include Penelope, Odysseus's wife, because she is in another set, which also features Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra, so she will be posted with that one. From left to right: Medea, Harmonia, Hebe, and Andromeda.

Medea-I will say it right here and now. I love this character. She is so twisted that I can't help but be fascinated by her. ^_^ I imagine that her being a witch and the daughter of a king didn't sit very well with her father and that he might have scorned her for her magic, believing it to make her too bold and wild and unpredictable. However, it is more his cold treatment of her and bullying personality of her brother that ends up turning her into a bit of a monster. I don't plan on having her be totally evil though. It's more that she's angry and allows her emotions to control her actions. And she openly embraces her magic and her abilities and believes it shouldn't be any surprise to anyone since she is the granddaughter of a god. She's powerful and she knows it. And when wronged, she will have her revenge, even at the expense of her reputation. In my stories, she's definitely twisted and when she has something she can use as a weapon, she will definitely use it to her advantage. She's cunning, yet quite temperamental. And it strikes all the gods as very strange that Medea, while still quite a spitfire, is surprisingly happy in her marriage to Achilles in Elysium. Perhaps they're the only ones capable of really keeping up with each other. I went for a purple and green look for her with a lot of small shiny touches. I imagine she'd have a pretty cool look to her.

Harmonia-Harmonia is, as her name suggests, the goddess of harmony. She was given as a bride to the hero Cadmus, the founder of the city of Thebes. In mythology, that really is her only claim to fame, that and a cursed necklace. However, in my stories, I decided to play around with her and Cadmus a bit. In my version, Harmonia sees Cadmus and falls for his bravery and determination and becomes infatuated with him, thus deciding to help him on his journey to find his sister, Europa, who was abducted by Zeus. Harmonia is generally a very quiet, polite, well-behaved girl who often just stands in the shadow of her mother Aphrodite, goddess of love. Yet the more she aids Cadmus and the deeper she falls in love with him, the more she sees that can become her own person and that she isn't just a child content to answer to those that are higher up than her. I went with a color scheme of pink and blue for her as I believe those are very sweet calming colors.

Hebe-Okay, so Hebe wasn't Heracles's first wife. However, I am dedicating a whole other set of dolls to his wives, as he went through at least three of them and many other lovers before Hebe. Hebe is the childish-looking goddess of youth. Somewhat contradictory to what she represents, she is rather mature and a very hard worker. She starts a project and she will put her very heart and soul into it. When she first meets Heracles, she finds him a drunken womanizing pig and it isn't until he starts to treat her with respect that she begins to even like him. Her father, Zeus, often sees her as his little delicate child, despite her age. To him, she will always be innocent little Hebe, the youngest child of him and his wife Hera. Much to Hebe's annoyance, I always picture her as looking innocent and childlike.

Andromeda-And finally, one of my personal favorites, Andromeda, the wife of Perseus. While reading various different websites about the myth of Perseus, I was intrigued to find that many sources said Andromeda was an Ethiopian princess. Since this would imply some communication or interaction between ancient Greece and Africa and the opportunity for the meeting of two different cultures, I decided to go along with what I'd read and make Andromeda an Ethiopian princess. Andromeda is the apple of her father's eye. From birth he has raised her to be a queen, stressing the need to balance compassion with wisdom and bravery with caution. She is well-loved by the people of her father's kingdom as a result of his teachings. She is incredibly beautiful and upon first glance seems to be the absolute image of perfection. Underneath the surface, however, she often feels as if she hasn't truly lived, that she's merely spent her life trying to be a symbol and that if she makes a single mistake, she'll ruin everything her father's invested in her. Andromeda loves her father dearly, but wishes that she did not have so much sitting on her shoulders. She is fascinated by stories and other cultures and upon meeting Perseus, insists on learning as much about where he comes from as she possibly can. I tried to go for an exotic yet seductive look for her. Hope I succeeded.

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