The Amphisbaena Picture

This is picture by request - the Amphisbaena. It is very strange and mysterious creature, but I like it.

Amhisbaena, also called the Mother of Ants, is a mythological, ant-eating lizard or serpent with a head at each end. According to Greek mythology, the mythological amphisbaena was spawned from the blood that dripped from the Gorgon Medusa's head as Perseus flew over the Libyan Desert with it in his hand.
The amphisbaena is often depicted as having wings and two feet, with horns on its head.
Medieval bestiaries also document the Amphisbaena as a two-headed lizard, and even a two-headed dragon with bird's wings. A similar creature said to inhabit mythical southern isles in the far south had a tortoise-like body and legs.
The heraldic form of the amphisbaena dates from the Elizabethan times (Bossewell's Armorie, 1572).
I found only one black and white picture depicted the Amphisbaena in the heraldry. It is show as the creature with the lion´s legs, dog´s head on the front and eagle´s head at the tail end. Despite its being mentioned by heraldic writers, it was never actually used in mundane armory.

Permission for use given to the clubs.....
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