Kinte the Sea Lizard Picture

Once upon a time, the proud Queen Chinyere boasted that her daughter Adhiambo possessed a beauty rivaling the ocean goddess Yemaja herself. As is often the case with divinities, Yemaja could not let such hubris go unpunished. She sent her son Kinte, a monstrous sea lizard, to terrorize Chinyere and Adhiambo's seaside kingdom. Although Adhiambo was originally slated to inherit the kingdom's throne, her family decided to sacrifice her to Kinte's appetite in a desperate effort to save their civilization. But then a wandering warrior from the distant north has come in offering a riskier alternative solution...

This story, which I have outlined to the end and am currently writing, is actually a loose adaptation of the ancient Greek myth of Perseus and Andromeda, which also featured an African princess being sacrificed to a sea monster. However, the goddess in my story is named after a Nigerian Yoruba orisha who has her domain over the sea. As for Kinte himself, he is supposed to resemble a Cretaceous mosasaur, or carnivorous marine reptile which was distantly related to monitor lizards like the Komodo dragon.
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