Just the Way You Are Picture

This is Anthea (Annie) Mason and Jason Peterson. They're two characters that have been floating around in my head for a while, slowly developing personalities and getting to know one another.

And the concept originally came from one single prompt: mythology.

Okay, that may seem a little obvious. But let me explain...

I was reading through my copy of Edith Hamilton's, "Mythology: Timeless Tales of God's and Heroes." It's an oldie but a goodie, which I snatched from my parents' bookshelf when I moved out. Recently while rereading the story of Perseus and came across this passage:

"By great good fortune they were all asleep when Perseus found them. In the mirror of the bright shield he could see then clearly, creatures with great wings and bodies with golden scales and hair a mass of twisting snakes...

They told him which one was Medusa and that was important, for she alone of the three could be killed; the other two were immortal...

With a single sweep of his sword he cut through her neck...

But the two other Gorgons had awakened and, horrified at the sight of their sister slain, tried to pursue the slayer. Perseus was safe; he had on the cap of darkness and they could not find him."

PERSEUS KILLED HER WHILE SHE WAS SLEEPING. D: They always show it in movies, and even in books like the Percy Jackson series, as being the end result of some sort of courageous battle. But it wasn't. He chopped off her head while she was sleeping. O__O!

*coughs* Anyway, so this got me thinking... Medusa was originally a beautiful priestess made into a Gorgon by Athena/Aphrodite (the stories vary) for committing the ultimate No-No. She slept with Poseidon...while in Athena's temple. (In some cases it's said that he raped her, and that since Athena couldn't punish her uncle, she punished Medusa instead.) But that explains why even as a Gorgon she can be killed--because she was mortal to begin with.

The other two, however, are immortal. In some versions of the myth all three are monstrous siblings, named Medusa, Stheno, and Euryale. But other than that mention, they go unnamed. They were, however, turned into Gorgons for standing up and supporting Medusa against Athena, which ticked her off.

My idea takes a side tangent on the tale. Because if the remaining two Gorgons are immortal, then they must still be alive. And if they're still alive, then how are they surviving in a modern world like ours?

Anthea ("Flower-Like") was a water nymph, I'm guessing, who ticked off someone (Aphrodite, probably, as she gets easily ticked off. And if Medusa made Athena angry, then I would want to shake things up a bit) and got turned into a Gorgon. That's why she's still alive--she was immortal to start with. "Annie" is the equivalent of Euryale.

The same goes for her elder "sister," Cynara ("Thistly Plant"), who is a stand in for Stheno, known as being the more vicious/stern of the two.

Annie Mason ("Stoneworker") is an artist with eclectic tastes. She sells crafts online via Etsy and is the owner of the apartment building she lives in. She likes to shop just after the sun has gone down, and goes through public looking like a movie star from the 1950's-1950's. Complete with a scarf over her head and large sunglasses.

When communicating with those that know about her "problem" she talks via webcam, which allows her to make eye contact and yet not worry about the well-being of the individual she's talking to.

Annie is sweet despite her past, and optimistic. She loves the things that technology does for her, but is more than a little bit reclusive. She likes to read sappy love stories, and is friends with the Muse of Tragedy, who owns a curio shop with one of her Muse sisters. She also gets along with a family from India that allow her to come and shop from their grocery after they've already closed. They have an inkling of who she is, but don't ask too many questions.

Annie's hair is made up of Common Garter Snakes, a North American snake. They are semi-aquatic and while they are somewhat poisonous, the mild venom is not a strong enough to harm or kill a human. A lot of people keep them as pets.

Cynara is an antisocial Type-A personality that lives in a large estate where she is the only denizen. She does taxes via mail or online for rich businessmen and is excellent at organizing, sculpture, and topiary. She also likes to read and do photography.

Cynara's hair is made up of Agkistrodon contortrix, or "copperheads." These North American snakes tend to be antisocial and venomous. They tend not to be aggressive toward humans, but will freeze up if someone comes too close. So most of the bites from these occur when someone accidentally steps on one of them. They also use a "warning bite" with little to no venom in it to start with.


Jason Peterson ("Son of the Rock") is a blind comedian/author. He wasn't born blind, but came into it during an accident in his adolescence. So he's familiar with being able to see and being blind. He tends to be optimistic, cheerful, flirtatious, and outgoing. Being blind hasn't slowed him down, especially with an imagination like his.

And recently he just found himself a muse. A real-life relic, whom at first is just a creative discovery to him, then a friend, and then something more.

But when it comes down to the wire, will he choose her, just the way she is, or being able to see again?

These characters are mine. Please do not use them without permission. THANK YOU.
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