Legend of Pegasus Picture

From the bloodied neck of the now dead Medusa
sprang out the warrior Chrysaor; and the winged horse
Pegasus who had been conceived by Poseidon's seed
before the Princess was transformed into the gogon
Medusa by Athena.

His mission accomplished, he set out on the return journey
to the Island of Seriphos with the head of the medusa.
During the journey he stopped off in Ethiopa to replenish
his supplies, and whilst there he met and fell in love with
Adromeda and married her.

Finally landing on Serephos with his new wife, Perseus
quickly realised that his mother Danae, was imprisoned in
the palace by King Polydectes whose ardour she was still

Furious at the treatment of his mother, Perseus overthrew
the king, with his triumph complete he was invited he was
invited to the city of Larissa to participate in the funeral
games in honour of the King of that city.

Perseus agreed to take part in the games, it was as a
result of his badly thrown discuss that accidentally hit and
killed his grandfather King Acrisius fulfilling the prophecy
that he would die by the hand of his grandson.

Bellerophon hearing about the deeds of Perseus and the
existence of the winged horse Pegasus, made his way to
Mount Helicon where Pegasus had lived since his birth. He
was determined to tame the horse in order to carry out his
plan to fly to Olympus, the home of the Gods.

Bellerophon arrived on mount Helicon, and by cunning and
guile managed to capture Pegasus and over a period a
months managed to gain the trust of the horse and finally
managed to ride him successfully.

Bellerophon made no secret of his intentions, however
when the God Zeus learned of the plan he decided that
this project should not come to fruition.

On the day that Bellerophon set out with Pegasus to ride
all the way to Olympus the home of the Gods, Zeus, sent a
horsefly to bite the rear of the horse. In pain, Pegasus
reared up un-seating a startled Bellerophon, who fell back
to earth landing with great force in a large bramble bush.

As a result of his injuries Bellerophon was blinded and
made lame, doomed never to ride the horse again.

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