Medusa Picture

This is for Dianaes' contest [link]

Medusa was a monstruos being in greek mythology, she had snakes instead of hair on her head and everybody who looked at her became to stone. She was eventually beheaded by the hero Perseus and later used as a weapon. When the blood from her head hit the ocean, the winged horse Pegasus was born.

This is a big file so here are some closeup views [link]

Credit: waterbrush from *redheadstock
brushes from *Dianae
reference for Pegasus head ~stockhorse

I studied various images of snakes from google search and used as reference for the snakehair. The same goes for the wings, I studued a lot of bird wings.

The cold beauty was inspired by the 30- and 40- actress Greta Garbo, I had just watch a movie with her.

Photoshop CS2

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