The Gorgo's Death Picture

Perseus with Medusa's severed head

"Perseus, the legendary founder of Mycenae and of the Perseid dynasty there, was the first of the mythic heroes of Greek mythology whose exploits in defeating various archaic monsters provided the founding myths in the cult of the Twelve Olympians. Perseus was the hero who killed Medusa and claimed Andromeda, having rescued her from a sea monster."

Perseus was sent by Athena to kill Medusa (other name Gorgo), who was change in Gorgone. Gorgones were 3 wicked creatures and medusa is the only to be mortal.

This illustration is a personnal interpretation about one of the representation of Perseus and Medusa finality fight.
There are many way to create again this fight, and i've decide to represent medusa by a man for the visual side of a real fight between good and evil, and not between a good boy and a girl affected by a spell.

technical info :

Software used : 3ds max - zbrush - photoshop
Native size : 3000x2250 pix
two weeks of modeling and compositing in spare time.

Hope you like.
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