Medusa's true ending Picture

I have always loved Greek Mythology. The stories from it and the outline of how all the gods and goddesses came to be always have held my interest. I never had a wanting to know about the demi-gods, warriors or monsters till my senior year in acting class. One of my good friends was picked to direct a one act, and just like me she loved Greek mythology. She decided to do a one act called "Medusa's tale" What it was about was Medusa telling her part of the story of how she became a gorgon to Perseus before he chops off her head. My friend ended up casting me as Medusa, big surprise, but since the one act I felt that when Medusa turns her back to Perseus and begins to walk away she is finally happy that someone listened to her and was going to end her pain.

I think I have said before in one of my comments for one of my drawing that I have a hard time drawing men. Even though Perseus looks "ok" I still fell that he doesn't look right.... I'll let you be the judge.
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