Constellation Perseus Picture

I was very bored two days ago in the evening. I got a very beautiful book about the Universe for this Christmas and I got the idea to draw a constellation in my style and I chose Perseus, as it's one of my favourites and I like its story, too. Perseus promised once to kill the Gorgon Medusa. He got some help from the gods and he succeeded, he cut the head of Medusa and it was later attached to Athena's shield. He rescued the beautiful Andromeda, daughter of Queen Cassiopeia and King Cepheus from the sea serpent, the Cetus with the help of Pegasus. You can see the characters from the Andromeda-myth in the sky: Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Perseus, Pegasus and the Cetus.
So I drew Perseus with the head of Medusa, the old-old illustrations from Uranometria and Urania's Mirror which were in one of my books.
I hope you like this picture.
Well... Merry Christmas, everyone.

Art (c) ~eldery (Rebeka Bőgner '11)
No stealing.
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