perseus Picture

Another entry into a PencilJack Forum's Proving Ground. Both me and my opponent submitted at the very last minute.

The topic is Greek Mythology and, although I initially intended to draw the thunderous Zeus, I've already showcased a lightning wielding thunder god.

I was a bit more ambitious with this one and attempted a more classical illustrative approach. So it's not as comicbooky as you'd normally see from me. This is also where I rant about my scanner. Many of the subtleties are lost as the mid-tones are not captured. The way I have it shaded in reality, Perseus is supposed to shine just a tad more than everything else. I actually worked a lot on that effect so I'm still a bit upset that it doesn't translate. The shading is also supposed to look a lot smoother than it appears. Instead it's terribly scratchy.

I'm generally pleased with it as I was able to deliver this much while under a deadline.
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