Dionysus Picture

First of all, I'm glad to introduce you to Dionysus, whom I'm going to call Nys or Nis (he got a long name v.v").

He's the greek god not only of wine as the most think, but first of all he's the principle of Life in itself, without any specification, as Nietzsche said in his "Birth of Tragedy".

In tragedies, he's represented as a young man, kinda girlish and ephebic. (in "The Bacchae", he's also teased for this by Pentheus)
And well, I'd imagined it as a young man, as Life cannot be old... I mean, while single entities grow old and die, Life in itself keep itself young and immutate, without alteration in the eternal survival of the world.

I can stay all night talking about him, it's an argument I'm really really fond about! xD
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