the dark side of madness Picture

This is not the Liber of the Romans, with his Buddha-belly and signature wine goblet.

This is the one who led Pentheus from the safety of his city to the maenads’ forest, knowing what destruction would befall the king whose name means "pain."

This is the one who laughed when Agave discovered the beast she had slaughtered was not a lion, but her son.

This is the one without gender or race, without conscience or reason, the one who thrives on drunkenness and madness.

This is the one called Dionysus.

Or… my interpretation of him, anyway. =^^=
I drew him on a spur-of-the-moment inspiration, likely caused by my mythology class focusing a lot on him and Apollo this past week, combined with watching and reading Soul Eater… Seriously, this guy reminds me SO much of Asura that it’s scary. That’s why I based his facial features off the kishin, even gave him a third eye… oOo
To my knowledge, Dionysus has never had a third eye in myth and lore (and the guy here is also missing a certain staff), so I'm kinda breaking the rules. >_< But hey, to quote the "Stranger" himself--
Pentheus: "Since you say that you saw the god clearly, what form did he take?"
The Stranger: "Whatever form he wanted. It wasn't for
me to dictate that!"
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