Karalis Sisters Picture

Since I've decided to do this story for NaNoWriMo this year, for some reason I had the idea to redo this piece, mostly because I had redesigned Psyche, and wanted to draw an updated version with her sisters. Add in the fact that somehow my style's changed slightly in the year since I drew the first piece, and...yeah. It ends up being rather interesting, actually.

So these three are Penelope, Phoebe, and Psyche Karalis. (I have a love/hate relationship with that name. I like it, but to me it isn't really Greek enough, so I want to change it, but I can't think of what to change it to. So then I keep it because I'm lazy like that.) Much like in the myth, the two oldest are married by declining wealth. And Psyche's chronically single, but in this day and age, its not as big a concern for anyone. She's eighteen years old, first year in college, and still has her whole life ahead of her. (Of course, her sisters being the sort that they have to have a man or else they're lives mean nothing think otherwise.)

Penelope is the oldest, and she married to a man that's actually older than her father. Her father, of course, hates the fact, but there's not much he can do about it now, considering Penelope and her husband eloped. And Nik Karalis isn't the sort of man who'll flip out and force them to get the marriage annulled, because she's an adult, and can make her own mistakes. Penelope is the sort of girl who expects things to go her way, and usually it does thanks to her queen bee personality. She married solely for money, since her husband is an extremely wealthy entrepreneur who happens to have a thing for extremely busty young ladies. While she does dress extremely slutty, she does so in a classy way, because she doesn't want to look like a prostitute. But she still has to show her body off, because she wants the attention.

Phoebe is the middle daughter, and since she has a similar personality as Penelope, she's lived in her shadow her entire life. In school, she was known as Penelope's little sister, and that infuriated her to the point where she's determined to be her own person. She's engaged to an up and coming football player whom her father likes merely because he happens to be around the same age as Phoebe. Since she tends to be a follower more than a leader like her sister, she doesn't expect people just to do her bidding, although she prefers it. She tends to dress in the latest fashions, such that she doesn't come off as classy as Penelope. But she has a similar attitude towards clothing, since she also feels her body is her best asset.

And then there's Psyche, the youngest. Her father had been hoping for a boy because he was feeling a little outnumbered, but got Psyche instead. So he decided to make the best out of a bad situation, and spoiled her. However, instead of spoiling her with material things like he did his eldest (he was a new father back then, and didn't know what he was doing), he spoiled her with attention. As such, Psyche is a well rounded and grounded young lady whose pretty much extremely average. She feels like she's missing out on a lot of normal experiences thanks to the fact that she was born wealthy, and is determined to see how the rest of the world lives. She really has no interest in dating anyone at the moment, although she'd be willing to if the right guy came along. Her style of clothing is a combination of quirky and causal, depending on her mood. Despite her desire to be 'average', she still has a slight obsession with the latest fashion, and she still enjoys getting dressed up from time to time. But even then, her focus isn't so much on showing off her body, but rather looking nice.

I was actually going to put Psyche in jeans this time around, but the way I posed her leg and foot looked heelish to be, hence the skirt. (Which is sort of on the short end, but it's apparently not as bad as her sister's due to execution.) But I like the idea of them all being posed similarly and wearing similar outfits. And Psyche gets the bow this time to mix it up, since the original intention with her having one of Eros' weapons was actually to use the bow. The arrow was just easier to draw.

I sort of like Phoebe's dress there, even if it's slutty. Personally, I think it's funny how people wear belts at their midsection, since it sort of makes them look like bodybuilders.
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