Hippolyte Picture

Name: Hippolyte Age: 14 Rank: Elite
Friends: very loyal to Brunhild, Frejya, Penelope, and her students
Favorite pastime: traing her studnets mainly and standing by Brunhild's side
opposition: anyone who disobeys Brunhild's orders and lacks of disicpline
Favorite plasmid: security commad
Favorite tonic: Armoured shell 2, and Electrical flesh
Favorite color: dosen't really have one
Favorite snack: dosen't really have one
Backstory: not much known about her expcet that she's very loyal and is willing to do anything to please Brunhild
What's in the name: Hippolyte comes from Greek Mythology, Hippolyte is the queen of the Amozons a race of warrior women that didn't like men ruling over them

Hippolyte belongs to me
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