Persona: Kunimasa ref. Picture

Kunimasa was Ayano's BFF but he disappeared awhile back. He hasn't turned up dead and Ayano has been searching for him but he still hasn'ty turned up.
(Why yes he and Ayano do having matching Personas <3)

Name: Kunimasa Tsujimiya
Arcana: Fool
Persona: Odysseus - Greek Mythology [link]
Personality: Laid back and a well liked and respected guy, Kunimasa's disappearance was a shock to the Inaba community. He is presumed a runnaway, though Ayano Chikafuji knows the truth. He was in band and on the Soccer Team. His Persona, Odysseus was the fighter while Ayano's Persona, Penelope, was the guide when they worked together to kill shadows in the TV World.

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