Penelope Camera Shot Picture

No scanner until maybe this weekend so this will have to do until then

Name: Penelope Sirena

Age: 18

Height: 5'9"

Sex: Female

Race: Siren

Skin: Pale white

Eyes: Bright neon green

Hair: Black but the braid is hot pink

Occupation: Student

Personality: Penelope is a sweet girl, she'd give the shirt off her back; but she's also somewhat gulliable, if you told her that the moon is made of cheese she'll be "OMG really?!! I want to know what moon cheese tastes like".

History: Penelope comes from a small family, it was mainly just her mother, father, her older sister and then her. Unlike the rest of her family, Penelope only has feathers from her back connectiong to her arms while her parents and sister have wings growing from their backs like angels. Penelope is a rare recessive gene and only she and a handful of others are like this. She's from a small island that's around Greece which is populated by her kind, so yes Penelope is Greek. Penelope is very oblivious so whenever a guy would as her out she wouldn't understand and unknowingly turn them down. Penelope wanted to join LU since she wants to become nurse, so she's going to school to get her nursing license and medical degree.

Fun Facts:
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